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Our Diet Principles

Healthy food for hungry sports athletes is one of the most important parts of the concept of Finca Naundrup. All year round we prepare home cooked meals, always made from fresh groceries of the season. We take pride in making healthy food that also tastes good.

The healthy food is one of the key reasons to our success. We have examined, tested and studied hard to find what food is needed when you are a sports athlete. It is all about what your body needs. On the market you will find plenty of opinions on what healthy food is. We have chosen to follow the principals on sports nutrition made from the Danish Team Denmark organization.

We are not afraid of carbohydrates, as a sports athlete carbohydrate are essential and minimum 55% of your diet should come from carbohydrates. The rest should be veggies and a bit of meat.

    What healthy food should do for you:

  • Promote the best response from you training
  • Shorten the recovery period between training sessions
  • Help achieve and maintain optimal body weight and physics
  • Reduce the risk of injury and disease
  • Keep you full of energy and give you a better focus
  • Give you joy for eating and social companionship

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