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Sports Holidays – Active Sports Camps with Socializing

If you are looking for active sports holidays under the sun, our sports camps are the ideal choice.
In cooperation with Marbella Fitness Camp we offer a wide range of different sports holidays within fitness, cross fit, boxing, dance and weight loss. We have great experience in arranging sports holidays, where the purpose is to focus on a healthy and active way of living under pleasant conditions. Here is something for everyone regardless of age and shape! Do you need to kickstart your healthy lifestyle? Or would you like to improve your current shape? Then our sports holidays are an obvious choice.

You can find an overview of the upcoming sports camps at Finca Naundrup with Marbella Fitness Camp here

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Sports Holidays with Highly Qualified Instructors

Marbella Fitness Camps is known for training at a high level. The instructors are some of the best in Europe and are all highly qualified and dedicated within their respective areas. We train outdoors at our large cross fit area, in the pool and on the beach with many different types of exercises. There will always be professional Danish instructors at the camp, making sure you get the most out of your sports holiday. Their main purpose is to ensure that everyone benefits from the intensive training while having time for fun, sunbathing and new friendships.

Healthy food Finca Naundrup

Healthy Food for Active People

At Finca Naundrup we know how important a healthy and nutritional diet is for any athlete. Many of our guest train far more on our sports camps than they normally would do. We therefore prioritize the food very much. All our food is homemade and freshly prepared at the resort and we have a lot of knowledge about healthy food.
When choosing a sports holiday with us, the price includes healthy and tasty buffet three times a day in our cozy dining room. You can read more about the food here.

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Sports Holidays – A Typical Day Program

Our sports holidays usually start early in the morning with yoga around the pool or a run along the beach followed by a quick dip in the ocean. After a healthy and nutritious breakfast, we do different forms of strength and fitness training like cross fit, circle training or boxing. After lunch, it’s time for some relaxation by the pool before continuing with TRX, Zumba, Beach Volleyball or Pool Workout. After a nice day of training, we meet in our dining room for a delicious evening buffet. Very often we continue the chats with a glass of sangria around our open fire place by the pool, because even though we love training, there should also be room for social gathering and a good mood.

Order Your Next Sports Holiday

When choosing a sports holiday with us and Marbella Fitness Camp we guarantee you will get a high heart rate, break a sweat and a lot of fun and cozy gathering. You become a healthier person, your body will thank you and you will certainly have some fun experiences and new good friends.

Do you have questions or would you like to know more about what sports holidays we offer, you can send an email to

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