As a new case Finca Naundrup and 3 other Companies, are now offering Companies teambuilding trips.

Teambuilding under the sun

As a new case Finca Naundrup and 3 other Companies, are now offering Companies teambuilding trips.

Behind are the Danish company Green Adventure, coach Charlotte Kaas, Marbella Fitness camp and Finca Naundrup. Having different qualifications and backgrounds, we can offer you a very Unique teambuilding experience.

We combine the traditional learning enviroment with fun and challenging activities from Outdoor Learning.

The exercises will turn the Group into a team. And through these exercises we can transform the outcome into a daily rutine at the office.

Why teambuilding in Spain

  • To increase the joy of working
  • Experiences that will provide you learning and developing
  • Teambuilding with results!
  • Progress that adds value
  • And coaching, which adds value for each person

Finca Naundrup is a holiday resort in progress in every way, always providing the best service and food. And of course WiFi.

So why not do teambuilding in a fantastic place under the sun?

Need some extra? Marbella fitness camp, will provide all kinds of physical training. Training in classes, cross fit or individual training at all levels.

On the trip you will also experience the andalusian atmosphere. The possibilities are many, both as a group or by your self.

We can offer

  • Teambuilding for organisations/ companies or teams
  • Teambuilding for fun
  • High performance teambuilding.
  • Sales events/meetings
  • Brainstorm events and much more

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