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Training Camps

Finca Naundrup is the perfect place is you a looking for a training camp for your football team, handball team and the like. We have plenty of activity options and can customise a solution that fits your wishes and needs for a serious training camp. We take care of everything from transport, housing, workouts, matches and healthy meals.

At Finca Naundrup we have organized training camps for sports athletes for several years. We have among others organized training camps in:

– Triathlon
– Biking

Training camp with plenty of facilities

During a training camp at Finca Naundrup there are many activities for active athletes. Here you have the opportunity to train your favourite sport combined with other forms of physical exercise. Play basket or tennis on our combined course, make a beach volleyball tournament or break a sweat on our cross fit course. A hike in the mountainous landscape or a run on the newly constructed promenade along the beach is also recommended. Is it time for the body recover, there is ample opportunity for it at our big pool area.

You can see an overview of all our facilities here

Healthy food for active people

At Finca Naundrup we give the food a high priority. A healthy diet is essential for any athlete. At the same time, we know from experience that our guests are both hungry and tired after many hours of training and therefore it is important that there is easy access to delicious and nutritional food.

For groups of 10 people, we therefore offer healthy and tasty food served in our cozy dining room. If special diets are needed, we can also help you.

Our team of chefs with cookbook author Jane Naundrup at the head of the kitchen always makes good, healthy and nutritious food that can satisfy any sportsman.
If you book a training camp or a sports holiday with us all meals are included as well as water, coffee and tea. Other drinks can be bought in the restaurant and the pool bar.

You can read more about our healthy food here.